The Attorney General’s office has been implored to revisit all deals signed by government and see if they are beneficial to the nation.

Norton Independent Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa has charged that because of rampant corruption within government, a lot of resources are being misdirected.

“How many such deals have gone past Gvt? There is no due diligence being done and bogus people are passed as businessman.

“The Attorney General should look through these business deals and make sure the country is benefitting.”

He was commenting on revelations that the recent Cold Storage Company opening was a bogus show calling it a very disturbing and unfortunate.

It was reported that Vice President Constantino Chiwenga was lied to that the facility was now up and running when it was all a hoax.

Chiwenga is said to have had been shown borrowed equipment so that he could believe that the company was indeed functional when it was not.

Mliswa says it’s very unfortunate that the country has a situation where it is swindled through such bogus deals.

“It shows someone was paid to convince the leaders. It’s an insult to the whole noise about fighting corruption,” he says.