The Dean of African Group of Heads of Mission and SADC Ambassadors to the UK converged at Zimbabwe House to show solidarity with the country in its fight against sanctions.

The government says sanctions increase the perception of Zimbabwe as being in a high-risk profile category.

“Zimbabwe deeply appreciates the support and solidarity by members of SADC, the African Union and beyond, their resolve to continue to come together every year to camapaign against the sanctions against Zimbabwe until such time all such measures have been lifted,” said Ambassador Christian Kastande.

Harare says removing sanctions against her will move the country from one with immense economic potential to a country of tremendous economic realities.

However, critics say Zimbabwe’s econonic woes are a result of rampant corruption and not because of sanctions.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa stands acussed of failing to deal with corruption.

The Zimbabwe Anti-corruption Commission has also not done much in dealing with the vice.