A pastor(AFM Church) from Tynwald in Dzivarasekwa, Joseph Ponda was caught pants down in the act with an unidentified member of his assembly.

The pastor is said to be currently nursing his wounds after being attacked by passers-by who caught the two near a hill. Part of the humiliation has already gone viral.

A source confirmed the shocking incident to H-metro.

“I have seen the pastor with the woman, whom he was caught with several times in his vehicle. The woman is a single parent and also stays here in Dzivarasekwa.

I never suspected that there was something going on between them until I saw the video.

I had the opportunity to see him after the incident and he was in serious pain from the assault” said the source

Contacted for comment, Ponda could not deny or confirm the allegations, however he said:

“I have a lot to say about what happened and I can not tell you over the phone. I will be free in two hours” he said before switching off the phone.

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