Veteran actress and novice producer Sonia Mbele has responded to allegations of mistreatment of her staff and dismissed claims that she still hasn’t paid her production crew for the popular show Pastor Wives.

This after, City Press reported that Sonia had failed to pay her production crew for three months — December, January and February. The publication reported that as a result of “no payment”, Sonia’s crew went on a go-slow and eventually decided to embark on a full-scale tools down.

The producer of Pastor Wives took to Instagram to set the record straight in a lengthy statement.

“Guys, I’ve been an actress for a good 25 years and out of those I’ve been producing for 3, which makes me an infant in that space. As a baby producer I will make mistakes and the mistake I made was not to invoice on time (therefore didn’t pay crew on time) and for that I have apologised. Why the papers two months thereafter I’m baffled,” Sonia explained.

Sonia went on to reassure her supporters that all was well on her side.

“It’s just sad that I’m away on business because the world wants to work with me and yet SA is trying to drag me. However, it is well. Those who want me as a boss upon my return I am all yours. We are currently in the West because the rest of the world sees us, the USA, Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Ghana, no need to say more!”

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In 2017, when Sonia started out as a producer, the actress revealed it was hard to introduce her other talents to Mzansi because people ‘boxed’ her as an actress.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Sonia admitted that she initially thought the transition from an actress to a writer and producer would be simpler because she was a known brand but the contrary happened.

“I admit, I thought it would be a bit easier than I found it was. I mean, I was Sonia and my brand was well known. But that and the fact that I am a woman made it even harder for me. People preferred to have me be just an actor, so I had to work really hard. I went from one pitch to the other, meeting rejection.

“My fame did not do me any favours and also God’s timing came into effect. So now my hard work, plus my other abilities are being recognised,” she said at the time.

-Times Live