Acie Lumumba has apologised after he appeared to say Natalie is actually Dr Shingi Munyeza’s girfriend despite the former’s spirited effort to clear her name from the rumours.

Earlier on, Lumumba and shadowy Zimbabwean Twitter activist Matigari posted photos of Natalie and jokingly said that they understood how the Pastor yielded to such temptation. Lumumba then  wrote:

No, but let’s be fair. Ok let’s be practical, ok let’s be serious! Baba vangu havaimboramba, ko vako? Ndofa hangu ndichinatiramo. Smiling face with open mouth kusvinura kunyeza baba lao mufundisiwese ane wake, eddie ane 2, walter 50, bond nekundibhen-million shindarrrrrr bosa. Pastor munhuwo.

This was unfortunately interpreted to mean Natalie and Muyeza are lovers.

Natalie Mammi Chloe Natalie Melody Mhandu shingi munyeza small house girlfriend

Natalie Mammi Chloe, Shingi Munyeza

Realising how far his massage had gone, Lumumba decided to come clean and exonerate Natalie from the gossip gallows.

He said in remorse:

Good morning, it’s with deep pain I regret to inform you that Mai Chloe is not the girl in an affair Pastor. Having said that Mai Chloe is still out there, so if you are interested, go and shoot your shot. It’s obviously not fair to drag her into a mess that’s not hers.