Zimbabwe National Pledge is a statement of patriotism that has been enforced to primary and secondary schools by Zimbabwe government.

The pledge has caused controversies leading to  protests and resistance from parents, churches and human rights groups.

Here is text showing the words that need to be recited by school children in Zimbabwe during school assembly after they sing Zim national anthem.

Almighty God, in whose hands our future lies, I salute the national flag. United in our diversity by our common desire for freedom, justice and equality. Respecting the brave fathers and mothers who lost lives in the Chimurenga/Umvukela and national liberation struggles. We are proud inheritors of our national resources We are proud creators of and participants in our vibrant traditions and cultures We commit honesty and the dignity of hard work.

The issue is likely to be settled in courts as there is interference with religious and political beliefs of some groups who might find some statements in the pledge to be offensive.