Deaths may have been caused by hypothermia in near freezing water!

The names of 6 children who died yesterday in Zimbabwe during baptism at Mutorahuku river in chivhu have been revealed.

They are 4 girls and 2 boys, all from a local apostolic church.

Here are their names and ages:

Tafadzwa Dzvuke (5), Tinotenda Dzvuke (3), Shamiso Pfumbidza (4), Patience Pfumbidza (9), Blessed Muvadi (12 months) and Emmanuel Dzvuke (7).

six children die during baptism in zimbabwe latest news

Most of them were siblings from the Dzvuke family while the others were from the Pfumbidza family.

Maud Dzuke the mother to the Dzuke siblings was arrested after the incident.

A church prophet Jane Ruvinga was also arrested. She conducted the baptism at the dangerous Mutorahuku river.

How they died:

According to eye witnesses extreme cold temperatures are most likely the cause of the deaths.

Zimbabwe is having cold weather as this is winter season in southern Africa.

According to a medical doctor at Sadza hospital who refused to be named: hypothermia can not be ruled out as the baptisms were done around 5am when there is a possibility of below zero temperatures in the location of baptism.

According to police spokesperson Charamba: “One of the juveniles ran away from the stream as it was very cold, a passerby noticed that the four year old was shivering and looking terrible,” she said.

He then rushed to the river to investigate what was going on.

“Upon arrival, he noticed that six juveniles were seething froth from the mouth. After realising the condition of the children, the self-styled prophetess started speaking in tongues as if she was possessed and ordered Kondo to ferry the juveniles to her shrine for prayers,” she said.

Six children died at the shrine while the other two were ferried to Sadza District Hospital where they are still in very critical condition.

The culprits, Maud Dzvuke and Jane Ruvinga ran away from the scene but they were later arrested and are now assisting police with