The fourth batch of Zimbabwe United Passanger Company (ZUPCO) buses being imported into the country is currently being commissioned in the capital.

This latest batch brings the total to 212 buses so far, with more expected soon. The replenishment of the ZUPCO fleet is aimed at alleviating transport challenges in the country.

Commissioning the buses, President Emmerson Mnangagwa said: “Today’s announcement of 50 new ZUPCO buses being put into circulation is more than just a step towards a reliable transport system.

“When our people can move freely and affordably, Zimbabwe can start to modernise and innovate in all corners of our great country.”

Meanwhile, ZUPCO Acting CEO, Evaristo Madangwa has praised President Mnangagwa and his government for the role played in assisting the company to fulfill its mandate of providing safe reliable transport.

He said ZUPCO plans to open 5 more depots countrywide to cater for clientele.


Madangwa recently said the company was planning to increase its fleet of buses and commuter omnibuses as the demand for public transport is increasing.

Meanwhile, when declaring the national lockdown in response to the outbreak of coronavirus in the country, Mnangagwa suspended public transport operators with only ZUPCO and Public Service Commission buses allowed to operate.

At one time ZUPCO struggled to cope with the demand for transport, resulting long queues, pushing and shoving at bus terminals as people jostled to get to and from various destinations.