The late founding opposition Movement for Democratic Change President Morgan Tsvangirai’s widow, Elizabeth Macheka has penned a heart-breaking Valentine’s Message in memory of her lover.

Paradoxically, Tsvangirai died on Valentine’s Day in 2018 after a brave fight with colon cancer.

Read full text below:

“Happy Valentines to you darling Morgan…. Can’t believe you have been gone for 2 years yet I still miss you every day and it’s always more difficult in this month of February when the anniversary of your death is approaching. In fact, the actual day, the 14th of February is easier than the weeks prior. Though the pain isn’t as profound as it was the first year, it still cuts deep when I take a moment to pause and reminisce. When I open my archives to revisit the events of your last days when I would visit you at 2 am just to assure you that it was going to be alright, my heart just breaks with pain.
The 14th of February used to be one of our favourite dates on the calendar. I used to remind you about Valentine’s from the 1st day of February until the 14th little did I know that I will be reminded of this day with so much pain.
I know people say it gets better with time but it doesn’t get any better, it just becomes different in how I have to deal with things. I still feel robbed, I always question why me, I still wonder how this plays into God’s plan for me? How could this be part of any plan? But I’m always reminded of Job when he tried to question God (Job 38:4) “Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation’? Tell me, if you understand… that statement alone humbles me, I know God remains faithful and your soul is in a better place.
Rest in eternal peace, my love.”