4 pupils from Temeraire High School took advantage of casual wear on civics day to sneak out of the school where they bought beer which they drank in a classroom before engaging in se_x.

The pupils, two boys and two girls were allegedly caught by a teacher who reported them to the headmaster. The school head, Mr Thomas Mureriwa confirmed the incident which occurred last week but chose to downplay the matter saying it was an act of indiscipline by pupils that had since been dealt with by the authorities.

“Who told you about that? It happened but it is not as you have described it. It was a normal case of pupils’ indiscipline which we have dealt with accordingly. However, the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education is still making its own investigation, you can contact our district office,” said Mr Mureriwa.

Staff at the school said the pupils took advantage of security laxity on the day and sneaked out where they bought beer before smuggling it back.

“They started drinking the beer in class of all the places. After getting drunk they started care_ssing each other before they became inti_mate. One of us caught them and reported the matter to the head,” said a teacher at the school.