A 60 -year-old man from Plot 52, Summerset in Gweru has been sentenced to 30 years in jail after he raped a woman and her daughter, one after another.
The complainants who are aged 31 and 10 years respectively were raped on the guise that the accused Wester Maposa was exorcising them of evil spirits.
 Regional Magistrate Phathekile Msipa at Gweru Magistrates Courts found Maposa guilty on two counts of rape and she suspended five years leaving the latter with an effective 25-year jail term.
It is the State case that on December 25, 2019 at 8am the complainant and her daughter went to return mopani worms the former bought from Maposa as they were bad and no longer edible. The two found Maposa at home alone.
Maposa gave them food to eat before telling the mother that he wanted to take her to a certain prophet on the following day so that she gets treated for her mental problem.
The complainant and her daughter went back home to collect clothes for the journey since they were going to spend the night at the convict’s place. They returned and they were served lunch with Sadza and chicken.
At night they all slept in the accused’s bedroom with the complainants sleeping on the floor.
It was during the night that Maposa pulled out an iron bar which was under his bed and ordered the complainant and her daughter to remove their clothes. Maposa then took a white cloth and rubbed their breasts and private parts claiming that he was removing evil spirits.
He then told the complainant that the spirit had tasked him to have sexual intercourse with her and the complainant refused.
She tried to run away but she was struck on the head with an iron bar and she fell down unconscious. Maposa raped the complainant while she lay unconscious and then raped her daughter.
The two complainants were released after the mother regained consciousness and they went straight to report the matter to Police.