Zimbabwe government has authorised the arrest and extradition of three Plumtree injivas who allegedly killed their disabled employer in South Africa before burning his body and escaping across the border with 900 000 rand.

Pfigamani Perfect Muleya, Jeffrey Mpofu and Owen Gumbo allegedly committed the offence in 2016.

The now deceased, Mr Graeme Shellerd (41) of Plot 59, Third Road, Chartwell in Randburg was paraplegic and was using a wheelchair.

The three are also alleged to have assaulted Mr Shellerd‘s girlfriend leaving her for dead.

After committing the crime, the trio escaped back home but have since been arrested.

The extradition application was made before Plumtree magistrate, Mr Joshua Mawere.

The court heard that they hit Mr Shellerd with a blunt object on the head while he was seated in his wheelchair and he died on the spot.

They also allegedly attacked Ms Chapman and she collapsed and they assumed that she was dead. The trio allegedly dragged Mr Shellerd’s body into a garage and set it alight.

The body was extensively burnt.

The suspects allegedly went to the house and ransacked it before stealing 900 000 rand which they shared equally.

However, when they were still busy with the loot, Ms Chapman regained consciousness, managed to escape and made a police report. state media