Do you live in Zimbabwe and want to make money online? If so, there are options to achieve this goal. One potential obstacle, however, is the internet penetration rate in the country.

According to one source, 15.21 million people were living in Zimbabwe at the start of the year. Of that number, there were only 4.65 million internet users in Zimbabwe at the beginning of the year. So, the internet penetration year in January 2022 was 30.2%. 

Despite the relatively low internet penetration rate, there is some positive news since the number of internet users in the country climbed by 265,000 — or 6% — year-over-year. 

If you have internet access or are in a position to join this group soon, you can earn income online.

Continue reading to learn about three ways to start making money online in Zimbabwe.

  1. Sell Goods and Services

One way to make money online is by selling products and services through classified ad websites. The sky’s the limit in terms of what you can sell. For example, you might want to sell quality used furniture, kitchen appliances, or clothing. 

You can also sell services. Do you speak foreign languages that are in demand in Zimbabwe? Why not offer language lessons? Do you have the desire to provide house cleaning or yard cleaning services to people in your city? You can advertise these services.

You can reach out to potential clients using one of the free classified ad sites in Zimbabwe. Advertise what you have for sale on one or more of these sites to let people know about your offer.

If you have social media accounts, you can use those to promote what you’re selling. You can also sell on a personal website if you have one.

  1. Join Freelancing Communities

Another way to make money online in Zimbabwe is through freelance communities. Many online platforms allow people from all around the world to compete for projects. Whether you specialize in writing articles, programming software, developing websites, or doing something else, the chances are good projects are on online freelance communities. 

Popular options include, but are not limited to, and Your best bet is to go online, set up accounts on as many freelance communities or platforms as you want, and then apply for jobs that suit your skill set. It’ll take time to gain traction. 

But once you start picking up some jobs and getting good feedback from clients, you’ll soon find more than enough work to keep you busy. And that could mean a reliable income over time.

  1. Social Media Influencer

Yet another way to make money online is to become a social media influencer. This option will take more time and effort than the previous two options. But the payoff can be more significant as well. 

To become the sort of influencer who companies contact to promote their brands, you’ll want to start by finding a niche that you enjoy. Do you like technology, makeup, luxury accessories, or something else? Choose a niche you’re passionate about. 

After that, choose a social media platform to leverage for building your profile. The next thing you should do is create a content strategy to generate valuable and exciting content that appeals to your target audience — and then you need to distribute your content correctly.

 If you’re just getting started, focus on a single social media platform and work on growing your presence. Connect with other influencers, partner with brands, and ensure you actively engage with your followers. You’ll increase your follower count by doing these things. As you grow your list of followers, brands that align with your niche will want to partner with you so that you can promote their brands — and this will allow you to make money doing what you love.

Over time, you could make a sizeable income. And you can use the money to make other investments like buying dividend stocks or investing in rental properties, which will allow you to make passive income. If you do the latter, you can hire a property manager. That will make it easier for you since the service provider will help with the day-to-day responsibilities of owning rental properties.

Get Started and Good Things Will Happen

If you’re looking for ways to earn money online in Zimbabwe, you now have three options. It’s possible to find work online as long as you have reliable access to the internet and are willing to work hard.