An apparently fed-up traditional apologist of Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa has made what could as well be classified as a prophecy of doom for the inhabitants of the ancient province of Masvingo after he said the next elections in 2023 will be a replica of the disastrous 2008 poll typified by widespread violence.

Killer Zivhu, who is the former Zanu PF Member of Parliament for Chivi South Constituency has accused the current  Government of executing ‘poor leadership and corruption’ which he labelled as the scapegoat for the plight of Masvingo people.

“2008 is coming back 2023 in Masvingo.  Poor Leadership and corruption is now the order of the day in Masvingo”,  said Zivhu in comments posted on his official Twitter account Sunday afternoon. The former Chivi South legislator was controversially expelled from the ruling party and lost his seat in Parliament amid poorly evidenced claims purporting that he was in the process of organizing a roundtable meeting seeking to unite First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa and opposition MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa’s wife, Sithokozile.

After his drama-filled dethtonment, Zivhu publicly claimed that he was not going to make compromises on his loyalty to the long-ruling Zanu PF which has been in power since Zimbabwe’s attainment of independence from British colonial supremacy over four decades ago.

Despite being criticized on various social networking platforms for trying to buy his return-back to Zanu PF by bootlicking the septuagenarian on Twitter, the former parliamentarian appears to have suddenly  jumped the  ship to the opposition front.

He now has the trait of attacking Mnangagwa in his tweets.