A former Zanu PF cabinet minister who is also the running mate for independent presidential candidate, Saviour Kasukuwere has declared that they intend to participate in the forthcoming harmonised elections with the pursuit of rescuing Zimbabwe from state capture and bring maturity to the politics of the landlocked southern African nation.

Zimbabweans are set to vote in the crunch 2023 Harmonised elections slated for 23 August, 2023.

Posting on Twitter, former Tourism and Hospitality Industry Minister, Walter Mzembi said:

“We are not in this Election for self glory we have answered a rank & file call to rescue the Country from a Kleptocracy, from State Capture. We bring maturity , skill, statecraft & experience , generational consensus & convergence. Kukomberana mhuka!”

Below, we publish some of the reactions to Mzembi’s post.

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Ko Shumba ndaifunga kuti makamira nemukomana handina kuziva kuti ndimi running mate waTyson…Anyway hatisvori chembere parwendo tisati tambofamba nayo– Clemence Manjengwa
Kumira naye ndikoku . He understands what we are doing what we stand for and equally we understand his purpose, together we will deliver a prosperous Zimbabwe.– Dr Walter Mzembi
Pakati penyu no one can pull a crowd like Chamisa. Humble yourselves and join Chamisa. You are just trying a fortune. Zanu pf ndiyo yakusvitsai pamuri apo,vana venyu vachazova proud of nyika yavo here. Pabatei– .weMasvingo
Pulling a crowd is just one of the elements of this struggle , good optics , wrestling power is another . So we will work with that popularity and our own only denied by” force” to win together . We are leaders we talk , while you imagine other things.– Dr Walter Mzembi
Why you didn’t go for president ? Kasukuwere for deputy? I come in peace honourable minister sir.– Ambassador Doc Khumalo
Exactly the problem in our politics & i will address it later ; the lack of submission to each other . We should assess at each stage of struggle ” best foot forward” & submit . I am busy designing a new gvt ;he leads. Together we strong & ready– Dr Walter Mzembi
You will get good votes from your people in zanu but chamisa will wipe you all– John Siphelile
No his purpose is not to ” wipe us out ” , neither is our purpose to ” get votes from our people ” . We are brothers united by destiny to deliver a prosperous Zimbabwe doing it from different angles. We are not a Church choir but a Philharmonic Orchestra!– Dr Walter Mzembi
Walter you are 59 and Saviour is 52. You both haven’t worked for the past 5 yrs which means you are living on some kind of retirement savings? Or something??? All signs point to wealth gained during your time in Robert Mugabe’s government. – For a clean start declare your wealth?– Transform Zimbabwe