More than 200 Zimbabweans are returning home from the United States according to a list released by Information Secretary Nick Mangwana.

Mangwana said 221 Zimbabweans are returning home from Miami,

  • 111 are coming from the United Arab Emirates,
  • 21 from Kuwait,
  • 39 from the Netherlands,
  • eight from the United Kingdom and
  • 18 from Angola.

Returning Zimbabweans now account for two-thirds of the coronavirus cases in the country now standing at 160.

The United States is the worst affected country with 1.8 million cases. More than 104 500 people have died, 520 000 have recovered and 1.2 million are still active.

The United Arab Emirates seems to have turned the corner. It has 33 000 cases but more than 17 000 have recovered and there were 260 deaths.

Kuwait is still battling as it has about 16 000 active cases out of a total of 26 000. Two hundred and five have died.

There is no breakdown of active cases and those who have recovered in the Netherlands but the country has just over 46 000 cases and nearly 6 000 have died.

The United Kingdom has the second highest number of deaths after the United States but its death rate is higher because of its smaller population. More than 38 000 have so far died and there are 271 000 cases. There is no breakdown of active cases and recoveries.

Angola has only 81 cases and four deaths.  So far only 18 have recovered.


Zimbabwe’s first covid-19 death was a young journalist Zororo Makamba who returned from the US shortly before his death.

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