HARARE: Young girls in black dresses and red chiffons moving up and down Harare’s CBD have of late been a usual sight, it turns out they are agents of a company called 1202 Herbal Solutions that sells se_xual stimulants.

The company is owned by Andy Zimunya who has allegedly dismissed about 300(some reports say 3000) of these girls aged between 18-24 without pay accusing them of being prost!tutes.

The young girls in the video can be heard shouting that they were tricked to wear mini skirts and make money for Andy but he is now refusing to pay them.

In the video they said the business owner promised them $300 per month but later reduced it to $200 before he fired them without making any payment.

Someone in the clip is heard saying the mercedes benz driving Andy Muridzo is young brother to prominent prophet Mr Paul Sanyangore.

Meanwhile, a man speaking on behalf of 1202 Herbal Solutions said the girls were fired after they were suspected of engaging in prost!tution during working hours.

They were allegedly spotted getting into lodges to sleep with married men.

Zwnews could not authenticate or verify the sources.