Is it just a cooked up phenomenon or barefaced realty unearthed?

Whatever answer that one gives to this question, the brutal truth of the matter is that the Zvigunwe craze whereby it is alleged that Harare people are now cutting off their toes and selling them for riches, has got twippers in particular, and internet users in general, talking.

The poorly evidenced claims insinuating that the H-town hustlers have been cashing in on their God-given toes have gained so much traction and are blowing up on social media, resulting in a barrage of memes and jokes about the issue.

Word has it that foreign currency and cell phone dealers who ply their trade at the Ximex Mall area along Jason Moyo Avenue in the capital, Harare, are now selling their toes for riches amid claims that some sell their toes for as much as US$40,000 for the big toe, US$25,000 for the middle toe and US$10,000 for the tiny toe.

Social networking platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter have been bloated with unverified screenshots which apparently seek to give authenticity to the claims.

In the pursuit of evidencing their claims, the reports suggest that Ximex dealers always wear closed shoes or sandals with socks to conceal their feet with few toes.

Social media users have also been joking about the issue with some postulating that it is better to have nine toes while driving a Toyota Hilux GD6 than having both sets of toes but walking on foot.

Speaking on the matter, a source quoted by Harare-based lifestyle tabloid, H-Metro said:

“I can’t really deny or confirm such activity at Ximex Mall but what I gathered is that this whole issue was blown out of proportion after a few guys shared it as a joke,” said the source.

“Yes, some of the latest cars that the dealers are driving are questionable. Imagine seeing a guy who has been struggling to buy lunch for himself now cruising in a Mercedes-Benz GL400 which costs US$200,000. You have questions,” the source added.

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