Tinashe Zisengwe

Artisanal miners in Matebelaland South Province have come out guns blazing attacking Zimbabwe Republic Police officials for allegedly overstepping their mandate in enforcing mining regulations ending up clashing with other government departments in the sector.

Police from the Minerals and Border Control Unit have over the past few months accused of dabbling into miners territories a development said to be powering corruption.

Chairperson of Women in Mining in the parliamentary Portfolio Ms Sithembile Ndlovu queried why police go to mines in the absence of other government departments such as EMA and the Ministry of Mines.

“I heard police are enforcing EMA regulations without being tasked by the relevant authority. This is creating a lot of confusion in the sector of which the police are thriving through that loophole,” she said.

An official from the Mining Ministry, Engineer Cleopas Furusa said his ministry was taken aback by the way the law enforcement agents were involving themselves in the mining disputes which he said was their baby to carter for.

“They can only engage in mining activities we call them to render assistance especially if there is violence, not to just involve themselves unnecessarily,” he said.