Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU) leader Takudzwa Ngadziore was this afternoon denied bail by the Harare Magistrates Court.

This follows his recent arrest for demonstrating against the continued detention of political activist Makomborero Haruzivishe.

According to a statement by the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) Ngadziore was deemed to be an unfit candidate for bail:

“We have secured RTGS$5 000 bail for SG Tapiwa Chiriga @tapchiriga97while@ngadziorewas denied bail with the Magistrate stating that he is not a proper candidate for bail.@ZLHRLawyers is now working on filing a bail appeal for the release of @ngadziore,” said the ZLHR.

In 2020, Ngadziore was arrested for demanding that Impala Car Rental release details of the alleged use of one of their vehicles in the abduction of Tawanda Muchehiwa, a second-year journalism student at Midlands State University.

Muchehiwa was abducted on 30 July in the lead up to nationwide protests which were scheduled for 31 July and kept incommunicado for three days, during which time he was tortured. His abduction was, however, caught on CCTV at the premises and the footage of the CCTV was used to track down cars, which were traced to Impala Car Rental.

He was rearrested at the same place for demonstrating while he was out of prison on bail.