A  Harare based self styled prophet, Paul Sanyangore, has shocked members  of the public after him and his congregants engaged in a bizarre ritual, they drank sewage water from a local stream.

The incident was witnessed by zwnews.com sources.

Sanyangore was involved in some church cleaning exercise with his followers near Seke road in Harare this past Saturday.

According to sources at the congregation, the group needed water to drink but could not find any as the nearby shop was closed.

Sanyangore then went to a nearby sewage filled stream where he fetched some water.

He returned to his church and prayed for it before sprinkling some salt to the water.

The prophet then drank the sewage water before his followers also took turns to quench their thirst with the water.

The man of the cloth even went on to speak about the experience on a local radio station where he was a guest.