South Africa: Two unnamed Zimbabweans have died while trying to cross Limpopo River into South Africa, it has been reported.

On Thursday, 5th of January 2017 , South African police recovered bodies of two men near Beitbridge. There are indications that they succumbed to flash floods.

The police also rescued two ladies and three school going minors, aged between six and ten on Friday evening near the same place.

The five were processed by South African immigration office on Saturday.

There are reports that a large number of undocumented Zimbabwe nationals are risking death in the flooded Limpopo as they are desperate to secure ‘their jobs’ in South Africa.

Recent heavy rains and rising water level in the river have made it extremely dangerous for people to cross on foot around this time of the year.

Unidentified man trapped in Limpopo river


Zimbabweans crossing Limpopo to South Africa