Mobile phones are inevitable in today’s environment. They are employed in every possible manner, whether it’s to chat with our friends, in the kitchen to look up a recipe on the internet, or even to play online casino games such as an African-themed Platincasino slot. The applications we’re going to look at are widely used all over the globe, but they are especially popular in Zimbabwe.


WhatsApp is a free cross-platform messaging app. Users of Mac and Windows PCs can make and receive calls and messages much like those who own an iPhone or an Android smartphone.

Furthermore, the application enables the free sharing of multimedia material like music and video to any recipient anywhere in the world. In many ways, the program is identical to both iMessage and Google Messages.

Another benefit of using WhatsApp over Wi-Fi is the cheap cost. This function is handy for customers who do not have unlimited calling and messaging as part of their data subscription.


CapCut is an iOS and Android app that enhances the basic video editing features of the popular social network TikTok.

The application is free and marketed as a TikTok editing tool. CapCut Android and CapCut iOS both enable you to modify your TikTok videos. Filters, stickers, speed tweaks, background music, and a variety of additional effects are available.

It also contains split, reverse, and other editing capabilities to make your TikTok videos appear more polished and professional. When multiple TikTok stars started using and promoting the app, its popularity skyrocketed.


This is a platform that gives its users the ability to create and share short videos. Filters, stickers, voiceovers, sound effects, and background music enable users to express themselves with their site content.

TikTok has surpassed the one billion mark in terms of monthly activity. It’s currently overtaking Instagram as one of the most popular social media platforms and was the most downloaded image and video app on the App Store a year after its debut.


Snapchat is mobile phone software accessible on both Android and iOS devices. Users of the platform often refer to it as ‘Snap’.

One of the key features of the smartphone app is that each image, video, or message you send is only visible to the recipient for a brief period of time. The ephemeral nature of the app was intended to encourage a more natural flow of engagement.

Snapchat had 363 million daily active users as of December 2022. Snapchat anticipates that advertisements will reach 616.9 million users by the end of 2023.


This popular app is used to exchange photographs and movies. Instagram has become such a cultural force owing to its visual twist that the word “Instagramming” has become a verb. Almost a billion accounts have been created. It’s difficult to remember a time before Instagram, from small businesses to large institutions, news organizations to cultural institutions, celebrities, photographers, singers, and the cottage industry of influencers.


In recent years, the use of mobile apps has expanded dramatically. The top five most popular apps in Zimbabwe allow users to edit, share, and promote images and videos.