A Mt Darwin man died at the age of 121 at Karanda Hospital on Friday last week.

Sairosi Chisuro of Dahwa Village, under Chief Chiswiti, was born in 1902.

He left behind 30 grandchildren and 50 great grandchildren.

Family spokesperson, Samuel Mwatema, 35, told H-Metro that Sekuru Chisuro married another woman at the age of 96.

“We have lost one of our sources of wisdom, sorojena, dzinde rerudzi, chipanga mazano wedu arara,” said Samuel.

“He was such an inspirational traditional leader, and a number of village heads had been tapping into his pool of knowledge, especially about our cultural values.

“When Sekuru Chisuro’s first wife passed away, he married another wife at the age of 96, and she gave him two sons before she died,” he said.