More people were killed in road and home accidents this Christmas than ever before. Police records show that 16 people lost their lives in Zimbabwe’s treacherous roads while information gathered through unofficial sources indicate that the number could be as high as 26.

Most home related accidents and road deaths in remote places take time to be recorded and reported to police, a Gokwe village head who just buried two people that died from a pick up truck-scorch cart accident told reporters.

According to Zimbabwe police, 16 people lost their lives in Zimbabwe during 2016 Christmas holiday.

Sixteen people died in separate road accidents on Christmas Day with a total of 106 road accidents recorded up from 81 witnessed last Christmas holiday.
This is a very frightening figure given the fact that only 4 people died around the same time last year.

As usual the police point to speeding as the number one cause of road deaths.

Motoring organisations have a view that bad roads are the biggest cause of deaths in Zimbabwe’s motorways.