ZANU-PF Secretary for Administration Obert Mpofu says there is no crisis in the country and blames Zimbabweans abroad for misinforming the world.

Mpofu said it is ‘Zimbabweans’ living in other countries who are to blame for spreading ‘falsehoods’ alleging that the country is burning.

He spoke these words after meeting the South African delegation that was in the country in an attempt to help Zimbabwe end its problems.

“Fugitives are responsible for some false information being peddled out there.

“We have no crisis in Zimbabwe. Our discussions revolved around the challenges hence we agreed to work together in solving them,” he said.

Meanwhile, ZANU PF has over the years been viewing Zambabweans living in other countries as fugitives, working for no good, but, to remove it from power.

In a bid to prevent citizens from leaving the country for greener pastures, the government has been preventing them access traveling documents, through delays and bottlenecks in the issuance of passports.