A former Minister of Foreign Affairs has urged the President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa led government to urgently find ways to solve the current political situation in the country characterised by tension.

The former minister, Walter Mzembi says the current situation in the country is like a pressure cooker and not sustainable.

“A pressure cooker has safety valve that releases steam when the internal pressure rises above a certain level. Zimbabwe is that pressure cooker , and the safety valve is National Dialogue, denying it and moving on unabated has consequences. Wisdom required.

“I really think there is noone who has the patience to wait for another disputed Election in 2028, the political mood in the Country does not attest to that & clearly a fait accompli & disdainful business as usual prescription won’t hold for too long,” he says.

He says the very Southern African Development Community Observer Mission report which ZANU PF and its Government is refusing to be its soft landing in the resolution of the sham 2023 elections will turn out to be a missed opportunity in the pursuit of a solution.

“The future is full of unknowns but scary ones too,” he adds.