Angry Zimbabweans have lambasted President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government for ‘inefficiency’ after the southern African country announced the latest coronavirus death, which brings the total number of mortalities to three.
The country has 11 confirmed cases and the ninth patient died Wednesday evening. According to the Ministry of Health and Child Care, the deceased was a 50-year-old male resident of Harare who had travelled to United Kingdom and returned on 21 March 2020. What infuriated most Zimbabweans, particularly the vocal internet users were revelations that the now deceased was initially being managed at home until his admission on the 7th of April at Wilkins Hospital.
Some even suggested that ailing deputy president Constantino Chiwenga should also have been quarantined for Covid-19 upon his return from China where he had gone for medical treatment.
“When will you take Covid 19 pandemic as a deadly pandemic?” questioned Tendai Zinyama on Twitter.
“A patient comes into the country on 21st and he is not quarantined for 21 days . He is diagnosed Covid 19 on 2nd April & is left home for the why. He is only admitted on the 7th. Chiwenga was not quarantined (why)?” querried Zinyama.
“I see, your dull, black and white, colour-less COMPOSITIONS were now back in full force. Shame on you (Ministry of Health) and shame on you (Ministry of Information). You claim to be a listening (government) of the people but when encouraged to turn in a positive direction, you present the middle finger,” Gerald Maguranyanga who is a fitness trainer literally fumed.
Others also suggested that Harare has ‘not been serious’ in its efforts to scuttle the spread of the novel coronavirus. Zimbabwe is currently adhering to a 21-day mandatory lockdown in its fight against the spread of Covid-19.