ZwNews Chief Correspondent

Marondera- Business came to a stand-still on Sunday 8 July, at a local branch of one of the country’s largest supermarkets group. Members of ZANU PF met with members of MDC-Alliance, the two groups joyfully teased each other, and exchanged lighter moments.

The MDC-Alliance members who were coming from Rudhaka Stadium where they had been addressed by their president Nelson Chamisa, came eye to eye with ZANU PF’s Marondera Central Parliamentary candidate Dr Cleopas Kundiona, and his team, in a the supermarket, creating a jovial scene bringing business to a standstill, as shoppers look on in disbelief of how the two teams exhibited political tolerance, amid joyful mood, and hugging each other.

The Team Alliance set the ball rolling teasing Kundiona who was buying some goodies and beers for members of his team.

They sarcastically screamed at him; “You are now spending the diamond money buying things for your people (referring to the 15 billion diamond money which went missing form Marange diamond fields few years ago).

“This is coming to an end soon when Chamisa wins the elections.”

In response; Team Kundiona just laughed the accusations off saying it wasn’t diamonds money they were spending, and teased Team Alliance back saying; “You are day-dreamers; we are going to beat you in the elections freely and fairly.”

The two teams continued with the light and counter-mocking; in jovial mood, with no tempers flaring up, before going on to take selfie photos together, and parted in good spirits.

Describing the mood exhibited by the two teams, a shopper who spoke to the news crew said it was good that members of the two political enemies can meet and share lighter moments.

“Zveshuwa Zimbabwe yanaka, zvaisaitika muMarondera zvekuti vanhu ve MDC vanosangana neve ZANU PF vofarirana pasina kurwisana. Translated; “We are indeed in the new era, things like these could not happen before here in Marondera, that MDC and ZANU PF members can meet, share lighter moments, without tempers degenerating into violence.”

The same atmosphere was reportedly experienced in Matabeleland recently, where MDC-T president Thokozani Khupe and her campaign team met with ZANU PF members and peacefully exchanged greetings.

Since the coming to the helm of President Emmerson Mnangagwa, cases of political violence have been sporadic, here and there, and Zimbabweans have been exhibiting some tolerance, and some form of freedom of speech, as people can now afford to openly criticise his administration.

During former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe’s time, it was rare to see the two camps meet and part ways in peace. The two teams were sworn enemies who couldn’t see eye to eye.