Zimbabweans particularly the youths had their dreams unfairly shattered from the just ended elections whose results don’t reflect the will of the people, veteran Zimbabwean journalist Brezhnev Malaba says.

“The morning after. I keep hearing cries of anguish, especially from young people who feel their dreams have been unfairly shattered in the blink of an eye,” he says.

Malaba adds that those with plan B live leaving the country should do so.

“Some want to leave Zimbabwe as soon as possible. If you have an opportunity to leave, please do. Life is too short,” he says.

Apparently, Zimbabweans have for long been contending with hardships as a result of economic meltdown, due to mismanagement and unchecked corruption.

As noted by Malaba for many Zimbabweans who were anticipating change from the just ended sham elections its now back to the drawing board.