Josphat Mutekedza(36), a Zimbabwean born UK soldier has been found guilty for murdering ex girlfriend Miriam Nyazema(37) in July last year.

Miriam a nurse who worked at Shaw Side care home had just dumped Mutekedza a day before her death.

At the time of the murder Miriam was now dating a married Harare Zimbabwe based business tycoon Mr Jacob Chigombe.

She was killed while Chigombe was present.

latest court news on Josphat Mutekedza, Jacob Chigombe who killed a UK Zim nurse Miriam Nyazema

Soldier Josphat Mutekedza, nurse Miriam Nyazema

The jury was told how British territorial army private Mutekedza went to Nyazema’s Shawclough Way, Rochdale house after failing to locate Nyazema at her workplace.

He ambushed her and wrestled her to the ground before grabbing a kitchen knife that he used to stab her more than 23 times.

She then staggered outside to look for help while Mutekedza made a 999 call with his mobile phone.

The Manchester jury just took 1 hour to find the defendant guilty.

They dismissed his defence that he killed her in self defence.

Mutekedza told his  the court that he was forced to use a knife after Nyazema and her Harare based lover Chigombe set on him.

He is likely to get a lengthy prison sentence of up to 20 years behind bars.