Founder and Bishop of Grace Ablaze Ministries and Executive Director of Zimbabwe Divine Destiny, Bishop Ancelimo Magaya says Zimbabwe will once again become the food basket of the region.

“Zimbabwe will be transitioned into the kind of a nation that God wants (Micah 4 vs 1-4): Socio-economic bliss, justice, peace, and political stability.

“The tree of wickedness, though apparently massive has rot from the roots, and the collapse thereof will be great,” he says.

He denounced acts of violence and called on Zimbabweans to seek God’s shelter.

“Who do you depend on for your security and safety? Is it the wicked system? Do not sacrifice your conscience for anything.

“Make a decision. Fear God. Do not enjoy the shade of the tree of wickedness. Leave it for your permanent security and safety,” he says.

Magaya was recently arrested along with other congregants at a prayer meeting.