A UK based Zimbabwean agency nurse Rufaro Mabvuta is in hot soup after failing to notice that her patients have been dead for 3 weeks.

The incident happened at Long Meadow Care Home in Ripon, North Yorkshire

She instead recorded that three patients were ‘OK’ on Halloween week hen they had actually been dead for weeks, a  labour court was told.


Rufaro Mubvuta, originally from Zimbabwe, wrote in her notes that she had checked the residents and all was well during a nightshift at Long Meadow Care Home in Ripon, North Yorkshire on October 31, 2014.

One of the patients had been dead for over a month, the Nursing and Midwifery Council heard.


Mubvuta, who was working for Hays Healthcare Ltd, recorded that the woman “slept well all night” and she had “assisted with all cares”.

Another patient was found the morning following Mubvuta’s shift with a mysterious large bruise on her forehead.

Mubvuta had recorded she had checked on the woman through the night but made no mention of any bruising.


Mubvuta, who is present at the hearing, admits recording that three patients were ‘OK’ when they were deceased, failing to attend a patient’s toiletry needs, failing to check on patients during the night shift and failing to record injury and making inadequate records.

She denies that her current fitness to practice is impaired.

The hearing continues.