Bhekinkosi Bhebhe is the disgraced groom accused of  bashing the Master of Ceremony(MC) who refused to play his worldly music at an SDA church wedding in Bulawayo.

It has since emerged that he is still an angry man after his family withheld all gifts ‘until he apologises’ to the people he disrespected when he turned his own wedding upside down and beat up an MC who also happened to be a local church pastor, Mr Miller Dube.

Dube is a Seventh-Day Adventist (SDA) church pastor who was hired by the Bhebhe’s family to help with the wedding.

According to reports, Dube’s job was supposed to end after the two tied the knot, but he insisted on carrying out the duties all the way to the wedding reception where everything turned nasty.

The MC allegedly refused the wedding party a chance to dance and insisted that their worldly songs were not to be played during the service.

It is also said that Dube went on to call Bhebhe, “Bhekisathane” instead of Bhekinkosi saying that his actions of insisting on dancing at his wedding represented the devil’s ways and therefore replacing the “nkosi” part of his name with “sathane(devil)”.

Bhebhe was not happy with the statements and he then flew into rage and attacked the MC with clenched fists turning a peaceful wedding ceremony into a boxing match.