Zimbabwe’s main roads are in bad shape as heavy rains have done a lot of damage to the country motorways which are now a death trap.

In Harare, not only are the roads an eyesore and untenable, but it has become so difficult to negotiate some of the huge crater like potholes which are on most roads leading into and out of the state capital.

This has created a lot of challenges for motorists who say they are forced to bear the brunt of regular breakdowns which create unnecessary financial obligations during a time there are other pressing needs requiring cash.

In Masvingo, driving around Mucheke and Rujeko high density suburbs has become a nightmare for motorists due to pot holes.

The condition of the roads has since worsened as the gravel and sand that is used to temporarily patch the potholes is being constantly washed away.

Motorists and residents of Mucheke said the council should implement long term solutions as patching of the roads is no longer a durable option.

In Bulawayo, commuters and pedestrians called for an urgent attention to the worsening roads situation.

Since 1902, which saw the city having its first motorised car, a 6,5 horsepower single cylinder chain driven gladiator imported by Charles Duly, the roads situation in the city has since deteriorated, leaving the commuting and motoring public a disappointed lot.

Despite various strategies that include tar patching, resealing and reconstruction, a majority of the roads are in a deplorable state.

The public raised concern that despite paying their dues to use the roads, they remain on the receiving end as they have to bear the extra cost of attending to their vehicles that would have been damaged because of the poor roads.

City authorities have washed their hands telling reporters that they cannot find a lasting solution to this problem unless and until they get adequate funding.