Bulawayo: A fearless Bulawayo-based independent candidate, Vimbainashe Musvaburi, who is a nurse by profession, has challenged long ruling President Robert Mugabe to step down, arguing he is too old to continue running the country.

Musvaburi, who recently announced her candidature for the Bulawayo South seat, becomes the second woman to take up the challenge ahead of next year’s elections, after Harare-based Fadzai Mahere.

The 35-year-old mother of two strongly feels Mugabe, in power since Zimbabwe’s independence in 1980, has overstayed his welcome.

“Mugabe and his Zanu PF have to go,” said Musvaburi, who has been domiciled in the United Kingdom for almost 10 years.

 “It’s not an emotional game but the truth, Zanu PF has got to go. That’s the only thing. Mugabe is 93. He needs to rest, we are not even talking about his capabilities of ruling but it’s not ideal for any 93-year-old to continue doing anything even standing up at home to go to the toilet, I mean ideally, he should be comfortably seated in a chair, like the one he got,” she said.

Musvaburi also took a swipe at Zanu PF hardliners whom she accused of benefiting from Mugabe’s lengthy rule. Daily News Zimbabwe