Heavy rains in   drought prone Zimbabwe have caused a lot of issues with travelling and the everyday life for people and communities that are not used to this type of rain.

Some have never seen anything like this in their lifetime.

While dams and water reservoirs are filling up, for the first time, there are fears that if the rains continue for the next two weeks non stop, things will get worse, according to a Gokwe North headman who refused to be identified.

He told a Zimnews reporter that he has lost all hope of ever gathering anything from his field this year as everything has been swept away by the unending monsoons.

A snap survey by Zimnews in a number of areas in the Midlands show that most farmers will get below average yields as their crop has been affected by heavy rains.

Here are some pictures showing how bad the situation is becoming to the country’s small holder farmers.

Desperate times, a Zimbabwe farmer tends to his submerged maize crop


A plantation destroyed by heavy rains