Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko has supported Zanu PF ‘anti Mugabe rebel’ Dickson Mafios  saying those who think he is wrong are misguided.

Zanu-PF Mashonaland Central acting provincial chairman Dickson Mafios(pictured)made headlines last week when he tried to democratise his party via a no nonsense resolution that sought to strip President Mugabe of his status as the one centre of power in Zanu PF with the mandate to appoint his two deputies.


His bold move was seized by successionists and factionalists who went on to demand that he be fired from the party.

However, Vice President  Mphoko did the unthinkable when he said there was nothing wrong with Mafios’ resolution.

Addressing people at the Bulawayo provincial fundraising dinner over the weekend, Mphoko was at pains explaining that while the president is trusted to the point of being given full authority of the party and government issues, there is no guarantee that the same trust can be vested in any other party leader, hence the need to look beyond President Mugabe by looking at some constitutional issues which could be abused to compromise the party in future when Mugabe is gone.

He said all those who are crucifying Dickson Mafios understand the constitutional implications but are trying to misrepresent it given their selfish motives on the party issues.

Mphoko made it clear that if Mugabe unexpectedly departs,(and this is likely to happen in the near future), Zanu PF will be thrown into unprecedented turmoil in the event that a new leader takes advantage of the constitution that designate one person as centre of power, to make appointments and dismissals for factional and personal interests.

The Vice President’s statement comes at a time when Zanu PF bigwigs are running all over the place as they prepare for life after Mugabe.