Next salary pay dates for Zimbabwe government workers, July and August 2016

Those who took part in last week’s strike will get full pay!

The government of Zimbabwe has released salary pay dates for July and August.

This came after threats by government workers to stage a massive strike if they were not paid in time.

Here are the dates:

  1. Army and Air Force 25 July
  2. Health sector 27 July
  3. Zimbabwe Police 29 July
  4. Zimbabwe Prison services 29 July
  5. Other unnamed civil servants 6 July
  6. Pensioners 12 August
  7. Grant Aided Institutions 16 august 2016

ZimNews has been informed that there is  likelihood government does not have the money but they can not have another strike as this will cost them more.

Right now they are running around to get the salary money before things get out of control with the army and riot police also demanding their pay cheques.

Meanwhile Bond Notes ‘token money’ is now available but authorities are fearing anarchy and total chaos if citizens reject the tokens.