There is no Christmas for Zimbabwe teachers and other civil servants after the broke government of President Robert Mugabe failed to pay them in time.

Only ‘critical sectors’  will get their pay on December 21st.

It is not the first time that the Zimbabwe authorities only decide to pay those in the health sector and uniformed forces while the rest  are forgotten.

Teachers will be paid on December 28 while other civil servants and pensioners  will be paid sometime in 2017.


Civil servants’ representatives expressed regret that Government had not engaged them before coming up with the new pay dates.

Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association chief executive officer Mr Sifiso Ndlovu said:

“ It’s not a negotiated arrangement but it’s a statement from Government indicating when they’re ready to pay.”

He said teachers were already broke and will have a delayed festive season.


Mr Ndlovu said it was saddening that the Government has not tried to negotiate with them over the new pay dates.

He said civil servants have been shut out by Government on issues concerning them.

There was no mention of bonus on budget presentation by finance minister Patrick Chinamasa.