More details about the life of GRANT Mashasha, who spent more than 10 years indoors, including time in the ceiling of the family home in Zengeza 3, are finally coming out.

Speaking about Grant’s ordeal, a family spokesperson said he spent four days hiding in the ceiling, and not 14 years as has been widely reported.

She revealed Grant was afraid that someone was after his life.

Nobuhle Mashasha toldH-Metrothat Grant, 39, is under the care of health experts, and is gradually opening up about his ordeal.

He was confined to his home, where he spent some time in the ceiling.

His mother Gogo Plaxedes Mashasha is in custody for failing to report the death of her husband.

“We managed to meet and talk to Grant upon our arrival from Gwanda,” said Nobuhle, his niece.

“From how he looked on the day he was retrieved from the ceiling, Grant has changed completely, showing a healthy, handsome face.

“He feels stressed to quickly open up about how he came to be kept indoors for 10 years.

“He told us that he had been living in a room and slept 0n a sofa for 10 years, not 14, as reported.

“He spent four days in the ceiling, frightened by his mother’s threats that there were people after his life.

“He is beginning to understand that there is no one after his life and is now interacting with others.

“He is still scared of answering some questions thinking that someone might still be targeting his life,” said Nobuhle.


Reaction: Grant Mashasha was in the ceiling for only 4 days?

  1. Four days chete? how about the vagabond look!! ndezve munhu airara paSofa here zviya? asi aibuda husiku achinovata mustreet nekusecha maBin

  2. So that nasty look he had..ndebvu and all,happened in 4 days