News Update on Tajamuka Bond Money Protests in Harare

More headaches for President  Mugabe and crew as the about to be introduced Bond Notes will be openly rejected by citizens tomorrow.

The token money that has been scorned and derided by many will hit the streets of Zimbabwe this month.

Warning people ahead of the launch, ZimPF president Joice Mujuru told reporters yesterday that the bond money should be rejected as it is as good as used toilet paper.

A member of pressure group Tajamuka Slyvanos Mudzvova said yesterday that the pending introduction of the much criticised bond notes would be resisted robustly, going on to describe the notes as bond paper which is not money.

Mugabe told Zanu PF supporters at a funeral rally that bond notes will be introduced whether people like it or not.

A source at the Reserve Bank Of Zimbabwe revealed last month that the bond tokens are ready but authorities fear they might cause unrest if they unleash them into the market too soon.