Thousands of youths who, on a daily basis, throng various sports betting shops are a jobless generation that was created by the plague of corruption and looting of national resources, hard-hitting Zimbabwe investigative journalist, Hopewell Chin’ono has said.

Chin’ono, who recently spent remand time at Chikurubhi Maximum Prison on allegations of inciting public violence, said in a trademark Twitter jab on rampant corruption blamable on the long ruling Zanu PF, that the youths who literally bloat soccer betting shops are ‘desperate for an income to feed their young families’.

“When we say “NO to Corruption” daily, it is bcoz LOOTING created a generation of jobless Zimbabwean youths! All these youths in betting shops are desperate for an income to feed their young families! They are painfully suffering! Yet we get jailed for saying this evident truth!” said Chin’ono in a tweet.

When he came to power through a military coup euphemistically referred to as Operation Restore Legacy, President Emmerson Mnangagwa promised to tackle the blight of corruption that had characterised the then outgoing adminstration of his long-time master, the late Robert Mugabe.

Three years since Mnangagwa’s dramatic ascension to the throne, critics have argued that the late Mugabe’s understudy sings from the same hymnbook previously used by his humiliatingly deposed liberation war master.