South Africa based Zimbabwean millionaire Frank Buyanga Sadiqi, who was recently arrested in South Africa for potential extradition to Zimbabwe, has reportedly been attacked in a Johannesburg remand prison by other inmates and is seeking a transfer to another prison.

Buyanga (43) was arrested on allegations of kidnapping his son in Harare in 2020, and on charges of contempt of court in Zimbabwe.

He remains in custody to allow South African authorities to verify his identity documents after it was found Buyanga’s South African identity documents show he was born in Zimbabwe, yet his Zimbabwean passport says he was born in the United Kingdom.

South African media outlet News 24 reported that Mr Hodes told the Randburg Magistrates Court that the warrant executed by Interpol and used for arresting Buyanga on November 10, had been cancelled in Zimbabwe. Mr Hodes claimed he handed over the documents, including Buyanga’s passport, to the South African National Prosecuting Authority. He said Buyanga owns a property in South Africa, adding the defence had attached his visa permits to their affidavit, which would help show that he is not a flight risk and was entitled to bail.