Mugabe will die on 17 October 2017: The words of one Prophet Pastor Patrick Mugadza of Kariba town.

Zimnews is reliably informed that Mugadza has been arrested this morning after the President’s office was tasked to do something about recent disturbing prophecies that point to the near death of Mugabe.

According to reports, Mugadza was arrested this morning in Harare at a local magistrates court where he had gone to attend a hearing for a different issue.

Frail Mugabe requests a helping hand in Mali

He is being charged for undermining the authority of the president.

This comes few days after a constitutional court ruled that it was not illegal for people to label President Mugabe a goblin.

Mugabe is now a victim of daily abuse in social media and public forums as people are increasingly becoming frustrated by his refusal to handover power to a subordinate.