Zim @ 37: Political analysts, politicians bemoan the lost glitter

zwnews.com Political Reporter- Simba Moyo

Zimbabwe marked its 37 year birthday yesterday with celebrations dotted across the country, this came amid rampant social, economic and political decay, with President Robert Mugabe in his own world.

In his independence speech at the National Sports Stadium yesterday, the President kept saying the country’s economy was on a recovery path based on the ZimAsset and good rains, and he skirted critical challenges like cash shortages among others.

Meanwhile, some political commentators have bemoaned the state of affairs in the country, saying there is nothing much to celebrate about at 37.

Even the Mayor of Harare Bernard Manyenyeni, in his address on the state of the city, acknowledged the problems bedevilling the city and country, when he said without drastic measures, the environment tends to get worse than better.

Political analyst, Dr Pedzisai Ruhanya, says there is nothing to celebrate when the country is on its knees like this. “We mourn the brutal suffocation and bastardisation of our hard won independence by a vampire elitist regime of quack revolutionaries.

“37 years after independence, the Harare political cabal has turned the state into a kleptocratic regime that has stolen our dignity,” he says.

He adds that he wishes the nation a speedy recovery.

Obert Gutu concurs with Dr Ruhanya, he says the President was far with reality in his independence address, where he couldn’t even mention the cash crisis that has rendered workers paupers as they fail to get the money they worked for.

“Zimbabwe is politically independent, but Zimbabweans are not free. We live under the shackles of ZANU PF dictatorship.

He says it is also his wish that the country recovers well from its deathbed. “Get well soon Zimbabwe. We wish you a speedy recovery,” says Gutu.

People’s Democratic Party leader, Tendai Biti says the country celebrated 37 years of waste decay anger deprivation and poverty. He questions the reason why many people had to die in the war only to see their efforts being wasted like this.

To the contrary, Mugabe said the liberation war was not in vain, as the country is enjoying the fruits of its labor, he said all economic pointers are swayed to the country’s favour. “As government, we should continue to pursue development programs and socioeconomic policies that consolidate our independence,” he said. He added that the agricultural sector is expected to grow by 12 percent this year, with other areas of the economy responding in the positive.