Mugabe expected to give a speech on Mnangagwa-war vets succession issue, Bond Notes,  Zimbabwe riots, protests and demonstrations

As Zimbabwe celebrates Heroes Day Holiday today, members of the Zimbabwe National Army have been fingered as potential sources of the no-nonsense Mugabe Must Go war veterans document that shook Zanu PF and Mugabe last month.

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Preliminary investigations into the source of the damning anti Mugabe statement have shown that there is a strong link between Zimbabwe’s security forces and war vets who are asking for a new leader.

A high ranking Zimbabwe government official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told reporters yesterday that initial investigations have linked some military officers to the communiqué and Mugabe was besides himself when briefed about the findings.

“The paper trail leading to the communiqué suggested that somehow certain war veterans within the military were directly involved,” the source said.

Meanwhile a number of Zimbabwe’s war vets will boycott this year’s heroes day celebrations to be held today as they no longer share the same vision with the current leadership of Zanu PF.

War vets are at loggerheads with president Mugabe as they want him replaced by his deputy Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Mugabe is expected to address the nation and party supporters to talk about Bond Notes, anti Mugabe demonstrations, succession factionalism and war vets rebellion in Zanu PF