Double voting, Rigging?? Voters who will make a mistake will be given another ballot paper to vote again


Speaking at the Victoria Falls Press Club on Wednesday evening, Zec Commissioner Sibusiso Ndlovu said an excess of 10 percent of required ballot papers will be printed to cater for the contingency measure.

She said political parties will be updated about the excess ballot papers once printing is completed.

“If somebody feels that he or she has made a mistake, they will have to say it and no-one will ask to see how and where the mistake was made. The person will be given another ballot paper. The presiding officer will issue an envelope, fold the ballot paper and place it in the envelope and indicate that it’s a cancelled ballot,” said Commissioner Ndlovu.

“You can even stop when you are about to deposit the ballot paper in the box and indicate that you made a mistake. However, what we will not allow is when one says he or she made a mistake when they have already dropped it (ballot paper) in the box,” said Commissioner Ndlovu.

She jokingly said those who will make a mistake more than once will be taken for counselling or examined for mental illness.

Zec however refused to address the possibility of double voting and cheating that may be done as people can vote once and ask for another ballot.

There are rumours suggesting double voting is likely to be used to rig elections at specific polling stations.