Zimbabwe authorities have deported 62 undocumented Malawian nationals, zimnewsnet has been told.

This comes after the country recently deported illegal immigrants to Somalia, Eritrea, Nigeria and Malawi in 2016

Mwanza immigration spokesperson Senior Immigration Assistant Pasquale Zulu says among them are 12  women and two children below the age of two years.

“The International Organisation for Migration  facilitated their trip back into the country in a Zupco bus registration number ADS 4701” says Zulu.

Zulu reminds those who  travel outside the country to ensure they have valid documents and stay according to the days indicted  on stay permits to avoid embarrassment.

Meanwhile, Malawians have reacted with rage to what they see as unbrotherly love from Mugabe’s government and have asked their own government to do the same to thousands of Zimbabweans living quite life in Malawi.