As ZANU-PF and ANC continue throwing punches at each other, South Africa says it has every right to intervene in its neighbour’s issues.

This comes as the ZANU-PF administration accused its counterpart the South African government of poking its nose in Zimbabwe’s ‘internal’ issues.

Harare has since told Pretoria to mind own business, saying (SA) also has her own troubles to attend too, than trying to meddle in Zimbabwe’s affairs.

However, South African cabinet minister and one of the ANC’s envoys to Zimbabwe, Lindiwe Zulu, says her country has every right to ask questions on the Zimbabwean crisis because the situation affects SA too.

Zulu who also chairs Parliament’s international relations committee told Business Times that SA will continue to monitor the situation in Zimbabwe with the aim to help find a lasting solution to SA’s northern neighbour.

Meanwhile, SA is home to thousands of Zimbabweans who are seeking economic refugee.

And as the Zimbabwean situation gets worse more and more Zimbabweans are expected to troop down south in search of greener pastures.